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The year 2020 is a special year. After experiencing the baptism of the severe COVID-19 epidemic, it is quite difficult for many glasses stores to go.

Wanxin Optics will always be a supporter behind retailers. In the New Year, it not only launches a new brand image, but also never stops professional training. At the moment of the epidemic, Wanxin School adopts the learning mode of "online + offline" in vocational skills training.

The new model gives you more time to arrange your study properly.

Online learning

If you're willing to take the time to learn, you can learn whatever pattern you want.

Online learning mainly focuses on theoretical knowledge such as Fundamentals of Ophthalmology, Optics of Glasses, and Refraction of Eyes, etc.

Before online learning, some students will worry that online learning cannot be practiced or repeated. Can they learn?

You don't have to worry about this. Students can leave a message in the comment section when they listen to the lecture on the online platform, and the teacher will reply in time. Even if students cannot attend the online lectures on time when they are busy at work, they can play them back after work. What they do not understand can be played again and again, which is more helpful for learning.

Through the online live broadcast, q&A, test, we have a lot of harvest. After experiencing online courses, students are looking forward to meeting teachers offline.

Students take online study notes

Offline learning

On July 24, 2020, Wanxin Academy welcomed the third batch of offline students. Forty-two students gathered at Wanxin Optics. Ma Yuqin, a teacher of professional education and training in Wanxin Academy, led the students to visit Wanxin Academy.

Founded in 2011, Wanxin Academy is a non-profit educational institution under Wanxin Optics Group. At the beginning of its establishment, the school was established as an education and training institution with the school philosophy of "realizing rapid development of the industry and cultivating more excellent talents" by the school manager Tang Feng and the school philosophy of "from knowledge to action" by the school manager Dong Guangping, in line with the purpose of creating excellent talents in the glasses industry.

Visit Wanxin Academy

After the visit, Cheng Xinxin, the professional education and training teacher of Wanxin Academy, presided over the first class meeting for the students and introduced the learning content and the rules and regulations of the class. I hope you can pass the customs successfully this time.

The class meeting

Off-line learning mainly focuses on refractive examination, corneal contact lens preparation, photooptometry and eyeglasses prescription. In the online learning, the students have laid a good theoretical foundation, also performed well in the practical learning, at the end of the day, has been able to operate independently.

In practice

Satisfactory completion of

On July 27, it was time to accept the results of your learning. The examination is divided into two major categories: theory and practice. Today, let's turn the pressure into power, write the satisfactory answer on the exam paper, but also for these days of learning to draw a satisfactory full stop.

Every experience of life is a kind of intangible wealth. Through this study, the students not only improved their professional skills, but also gained the friendship of fellow students. Thank every teacher for their hard teaching, thank every student to accompany the study.

Finally, Cheng Xinxin, the professional education and training teacher of Wanxin Academy, awarded the certificate of completion to the students, which witnessed our learning and growth in Wanxin Academy. After returning to work, we will serve every customer with the most professional skills.

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