Talent plan | 2020 first stop "star consultant" practical skills upgrade class successfully concluded

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From July 13th to 16th, the "Star Consultant" practical skills upgrading class of wanxin Talent Plan was successfully carried out in Chengdustation. The course content focuses on improving the professional skills of optometrists, visual function detection and diagnosis analysis, and connecting functional commodity sales, so as to promote sales growth.

Start a speech

Director of Wanxin Optical Sales Center
Li Qiang

Before the class, Wanxin Optics Sales Center director Li Qiang delivered the opening speech, welcome everyone to attend. Wanxin optics adheres to the tenet of "becoming your own master" and the vision of sustainable and healthy growth of retail customers, and opens the "Star Consultant" practical skills upgrading class, so as to better serve consumers. Make glasses, find Wanxin. Wanxin optics will always be the supporter behind retailers and help retail customers become industry champions.

The wonderful

How to Be a Good Store Manager
Wan Xin Optical whale power retail operation consultant
Li Zhefeng

The store manager is the core of a store. This course starts from the four roles, authority and responsibilities of the store manager to explain the main points of the store manager in his work. To become an excellent store manager, you should always pay attention to the five key points of "maintaining team harmony, basic business management of the store staff, finding and guiding the team's shortcomings, communication as the core of management, and observing the behavior in sales", and take "creating profits for the company and helping employees to create benefits" as the core goal to realize the value of the store manager.

Standard Optometry Procedure
Wanxin optical products and professional education and training manager
Ding Yaozhen

If you want to reach the top, you have to start from the bottom. To be a good optometrist, you must have a solid foundation. A good optometrist is essential. This course introduces the basic optometry knowledge from the process of remote refractive examination of comprehensive optometry, the operation process of fine adjustment of ball mirror, the operation process of fine adjustment of column mirror, binocular balance and corrected vision, etc. I hope that all of you can put what you have learned into practice and truly treat optometry as a pleasure.

Visual Function Examination
Wanxin optical products and professional education and training manager
Zheng Hong

To serve consumers well, professionalism must be online. Visual function test is very important for eye health. Only with excellent foundation can it attract more consumers. From the aspects of "the significance of visual function examination & three-level visual function, near-far horizontal implicit strabismus examination, adjustment amplitude AMP examination", let us learn to understand visual function examination step by step.

Functional Solutions
Wanxin optical products and professional education and training manager

In the current severe form of eye health, various optometry problems of all age groups emerge in an endless stream, and consumers' demand on the market is also increasing, with higher and higher requirements for products. Take ultraviolet ray as an example. The harm of ultraviolet ray to eyes cannot be underestimated. Therefore, effective screening should be carried out in the face of functional lenses, and lens solutions and other protection schemes should be combined to solve problems for consumers and provide them with comfortable visual experience.

Field practice

On the afternoon of 16th, all the students had a practical drill under the leadership of Liu Jin, senior training manager of Wanxin Optical Products and Professional Education. Practice is the only standard to test the truth. Under practical practice, all members have gradually become familiar with optometrists and tools. In the future study and training, I hope all members will continue to work hard and become excellent optometrists.

The graduation ceremony

So far, the "star consultant" practical skill upgrading class of Wanxin talent plan - Chengdu station has come to a successful end. Wanxin optics has been adhering to the pursuit of champions, committed to provide you with better products and more dedicated services, in the training, Wanxin optics to provide you with comprehensive, professional training courses and on-site teaching. This course is specially designed for retail customers to help retail customers better serve consumers, attract consumers with professionalism, and become the champion in the industry.
Where does Wanxin plan to go next? Stay tuned!
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