Wanxin Optics & Aier Ophthalmology co., LTD., the first batch of customized lenses for far-sightedness in China

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This year, Wanxin optics launched a new product -- Customized Lens of Zhenthin hyperopia, which was first launched in China by Aier, to create a thin and thin experience for patients with hyperopia.

Love's eye hospital group (hereinafter referred to as the love's eye), as the world's biggest eye care group, is one of the few domestic with medical professional qualifications and professional brand chain advantages, focus on the innovation and development of the eye health, in order to realize "make all people, regardless of the poor rich, all right eye health" mission of love's eye has never ceased.

As we all know, Aier Ophthalmology is very, very strict in the control of products, very high standards are obvious to all. In order to realize the national eye health, Wanxin optics and Aier Ophthalmology have been carrying out the cooperation between enterprises. This first batch of the book is also an innovative development in the field of eye health, especially a leap in the care of children's eye health.

Upgrade your technology experience

The Zhen Thin lens, which adopts wanxin's exclusive Meisuo technology, represents the latest solution. Ultra-thin and thin lenses provide high definition vision.

Five functions:
Lighter - With the same luminosity and refractive index, the empanes are 30-50% lighter than normal lenses
Thinner -- the center thickness of the lenses is much lower than last year
Rugged -- The lens is coated with zirconium material, pretreated and pressed by ion bombardment, and strengthened by nanoparticles, resulting in higher hardness
Dustproof - Add ITO anti-static layer, dust and cotton batt is not easy to adhere to the surface
High light transmittance -- optimized internal stress and multi-layer filter film, with good anti-reflection properties, up to 99.6% light transmittance.

Compared with common hyperopia lenses, they are more beautiful, clearer in vision, and more comfortable and light in wear.

In addition to the customized lens for children's hyperopia, Wanxin optics will also launch the customized lens for ultra-thin hyperopia with blue light protection.

The market has unlimited potential

In recent years, children's visual health has attracted much attention, which is not only the will of the state, but also the aspiration of the people.

Hyperopia, like myopia, is also a major ophthalmic disease. High hyperopia, if not detected early and corrected in time, may lead to amblyopia. The incidence of amblyopia in preschoolers in China is 3.57%. Nearly 60% of children with amblyopia had hyperopia.

Corrective control of hyperopia is important in childhood. The heaviness of high hyperopia lenses makes parents shrink back, but they have nothing to do with it. A pair of light and thin lenses can not only reduce the burden on the bridge of the nose, but also increase the child's confidence, making it an ideal choice for patients with high hyperopia. The future market prospect is obvious to all.

In order to achieve the common goal of eye health for all, Wanxin optics and Aier Ophthalmology have been focusing on the innovative development of eye health. As the industry leader, Wanxin optics and Aier Ophthalmology have been leading the way. It is their common vision to present the best products to consumers.

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