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Wanxin optics, founded in 1973, is one of the oldest glasses manufacturing enterprises in China. From becoming one of the first batch of domestic resin lens production and sales enterprises, obtaining

The predecessor of Wanxin Optics "Stu lens Factory" was established. Production of presbyopia, myopic glass lenses, 26 employees, annual output value of 31,000 yuan.
Successful research and development of resin lens products, won the "Jiangsu Province four new product Award". Become one of the first enterprises in the industry with resin lens production capacity.
Renamed as "Zhenjiang City glasses Factory", it has been included in the product plan of provincial Department of Light Industry and listed as one of the backbone production units of national glasses industry under the Ministry of Light Industry.
On May 23, China Optical Association held its inaugural meeting in Zhenjiang optical factory, and Zhenjiang optical Factory became the first governing unit of China Optical Association.
Zhenjiang eyewear factory was renamed as "Zhenjiang Eyewear General Factory", becoming the first in The eyewear industry in Danyang.
The third branch of Zhenjiang Eyewear General Factory (Xinmu Machinery Factory) and Hong Kong Wanshun Electronic Industry Co., LTD. Jointly established Zhenjiang Wanxin optical eyewear Co., LTD., referred to as Wanxin Company.
Wanxin company began to have independent legal personality, zhenjiang city glasses factory divided into four independent units, Tang Longbao, as the general manager of Wanxin company. In November of the same year, the company participated in the "Hong Kong International Glasses Expo" for the first time, and went abroad since then.
Wanxin cooperated with the international resin lens raw material supplier -- PPG of the United States, formally set up the "resin lens" production workshop on a large scale, and then started mass production, becoming one of the first domestic resin lens production and sales enterprises.
Zhenjiang New Australia Optical Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "New Australia Company") was established in a joint venture with Australian Resources Group, mainly engaged in the production of resin lens and hard film.
Wanxin sales exceeded 100 million yuan for the first time
Obtained the No. 1 National Eyewear Production License, certificate "XK-16-117-00001"
"WANXIN" trademark is recognized as "China famous trademark", which is the first manufacturer of glasses industry in China.
Wanxin Optical Group sales exceeded 200 million
Introduce new high-folding production materials, invest in the construction of MR-8 high-folding lens production base. Jiangsu Wanxin Optical Co., Ltd. was established as a joint venture with Essilor to promote lens brand in domestic and international markets.
Wanxin Optical Group sales exceeded 400 million yuan
In March 2011, Wanxin Optics Group was established to provide perfect optometry products for consumers with different needs. And acquired the dealership of Kodak lens in China.
Wanxin Optical Group sales exceeded 400 million yuan
In the new era of wanxin 40 years of development, Jiangsu Wanxin domestic sales center sales exceeded 240 million yuan, jumped to the top of the lens domestic brands.
Mr. Tang Feng is the general manager of Jiangsu Wanxin Optical Co., LTD.
Wanxin Optics Group has been awarded the national intellectual property advantage enterprise.
Wanxin Optical Group sales exceeded 900 million
In the same year, Mr. Tang Feng, chairman of Wanxin Optics Group, was promoted to President of Wanxin Optics Group. Wanxin Optics Group won mitsui "MR Brand Contribution Award to The Chinese Market" and "National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise in 2017". Wanxin Optics Group's sales volume exceeded 1 billion
On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of Wanxin Optics, Tang Longbao, chairman of wanxin Optics Group, was elected as a deputy to the Provincial People's Congress to participate in the discussion of the two sessions and make Suggestions for improving people's optometry.
Tang Feng, President of Wanxin Optics Group, was selected as one of the first batch of "Science and Technology Entrepreneurs of Jiangsu Province". In the same year, he was awarded the title of "New Leader of Soviet Commerce of the Year 2018", which perfectly explained the mission and significance of being a leader of Soviet commerce with the rapid development of the group in the past 10 years.
Wanxin Optical Group sales exceeded 1.2 billion
Wanxin Optics Group was selected as "The incubator of global influence and domestic first-class enterprise RESEARCH and development institutions", "Top 50 Independent Industrial Brands in Jiangsu in 2018", and its subsidiary Jiangsu Wanxin Optics Co., Ltd. was awarded the "Leading Enterprise of Blue Light Prevention", with its main product Metropolis Vitality lenses exceeding 1 million.
Wanxin Optical Group sales exceeded 1.23 billion
In 2020, Ren Zhenhe, Deputy Secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, Yin Weidong, deputy Secretary-General of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and director of Party Building Office of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee visited Wanxin Optical Group for investigation and guidance. Ma Minglong, Secretary of Zhenjiang Municipal Party Committee, and leaders of relevant departments accompanied the group for investigation and guidance. Tang Longbao, chairman of Wanxin Optical Group, and Tang Feng, President of Wanxin Optical Group received them.
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