Strength of the new power champion | million new brand advertising strong debut in the major high-speed railway stations

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This year, wan Xin brand image comprehensive upgrade, it seems that which gaI can see the figure of the Olympic champion Pang Wei, big "strength wan Xin help champion" words, always ignite a blood.

Summer vacation is approaching, wan new brand image has been landing in each major transportation hub, perhaps you go home or on the way to travel, and the Olympic champion Pang Wei to a chance encounter oh ~

The above is part of the back image, let's look forward to the follow-up report

This year, thousands of new optical a bright new brand image, from the championship to enter into the major retail stores, to today's high-speed, thousands of new optical continuously strengthen the brand construction, promote new brand reputation, so that enterprises have higher cohesion and competitiveness, for the retail terminal can better sales than new brand of product flow, also give retail stores more confidence, believe that the common progress of the new optical can lead the whole industry.

New image, new leap

Since its establishment 47 years ago, Wanxin optics has been adhering to the pursuit of champion, committed to providing consumers with better quality optometry products and more careful service, and will always be the supporter behind retailers. On the road of brand value communication, never stop.

High-speed railway station advertisement is a new outdoor advertising media form born with the birth of China's high-speed railway. The era of high-speed railway not only promotes economic benefits, but also facilitates travel. Wanxin's appearance in high-speed railway station increases more exposure.

In the future, new will continue to demand oriented, with customers and consumers as the center, actively promote the depth of the traditional media and digital media blend, formed the entire media three-dimensional dissemination system, diversified, and retailers work together, to create more than new optical brand value, power retail customers become the champion.

Strength million new help the champion

Help everyone become a champion!

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