The working discussion meeting of the Enterprise Customs commission was held in Wanxin Optics

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On May 12, zhenjiang, old cadre bureau group, vice minister of loyalist and vice director and secretary-general hong-ming cao line to thousands of new optical inspection research enterprise closes working committee work, danyang municipal party committee organization department minister Shi Jie, danyang closes working committee director, ray beam into as well as new optical group chairman Shang Long, yi-ping wu, special assistant to the general manager for the reception.

At the meeting, Danyang municipal Committee of the Organization Department Minister Shi Jie, Director of the Guanzhong Committee, Wan Xin optical general manager special assistant Wu Yiping made a work report, Zhenjiang city organization Department vice Minister Du Guanjun made important work guidance.

Thousands of new optical build closes working committee organization since 2018, to carry out basic "and have achieved", "five old" to learn advanced activities as the main line, three years in a row to carry out the "learn" work plan for the care of the next generation, efforts to improve the "unity, education and guide the young employees' skill levels, education young employees, the company development to do more contribution to society.

Tang Longbao, chairman of Wanxin Optics Group, said that wanxin optics continues to pay attention to the visual health problems of young people on the basis of doing the work of the enterprise's work committee, and responds to the national call to help the national myopia prevention and control strategy, to help a number of eye-loving public welfare activities, and to care for the eye health of the next generation.

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